Here are some 1PC Group testimonials from some of our valued customers who we have recently had work completed renovations or carpentry done at their homes within the Melbourne region.

Sarah L

I am very impressed with 1pcgroup it started when the tradesman arrived on time and got to work straight away. I needed some repairs done to my window and a door that would not shut and lock properly. After the tradesman completed the work the tradesman was happy to spend the time to discuss some other jobs that needed doing and gave me some ideas. I am very happy with the workmanship and would recommend 1pc group to anyone who needs those small jobs done quickly but doesn’t want to pay through the nose to have it done.

Mark B

I wasn’t not sure how long it would take a tradesman to complete the jobs I needed doing as they had mounted up. 1pc group came and did some of the work immediately and gave me a quote for the rest work to be done at a time that suited me. I found the tradesman professional, polite and to top it off he did a really good job.


Louise H

Thanks for doing a great job. We were apprehensive about getting tradesman in after some of the stories we’ve heard. But 1pc group fixed out fence posts and those squeaky floor boards that drove us mad. I have recommended them to our friends.

For any further information or queries, please call Keith from 1PC Group directly on the following number 0468 333 557 or email Keith at info@1pcgroup.com.au .