About Us


1PC Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience dating back twenty years. At 1pcgroup we pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality workmanship. We are a member of Master Builders Association of Victoria which is an industry stalwart. Our staff work to high standards and are qualified tradesmen who have even been police checked so if you need to go out for a short while you can be assured our staff do not hold any criminal convictions and have the highest ethics and integrity whilst providing quality workmanship.

Twenty years in the building industry all facets domestic, Commercial maintenance and construction. Wealth of experience and knowledge.

  • Member of MBAV
  • Industry Insured.
  • OHS Act compliant.
  • Works done to a minimum standard of the BCA.
  • Guaranteed workmanship.

1PC Group understands your home or business is very important to you and that is why we provide free verbal/email advice for building and maintenance queries. 1PC Group is dedicated to cleaning up the industry so we have implemented a pensioner discount day offering value for money.

1PC Group adheres to and employs Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007

Building Act 1993

Building Regulations 2006

Building Codes Australia

For any further information or queries, please call Keith from 1PC Group directly on the following mobile number 0468 333 557 or email Keith at info@1pcgroup.com.au .